Program AO PEER

Module 1

Importance of research

5 Welcome
10’ The level of scientific significance of Ukrainian scientists’ modern research on the example of orthopaedics and traumatology
15’ Why is research important in your daily practice?
15’ Evidence-based medicine (EBM): Why is it important?
15’ What can EBM do for you?
Module 2

Basics of Good Clinical Practice

15’ Ethical imperatives
15’ Guidelines of Good Clinical Practice
15’ Importance of ethics committee
15’ Informed consent process
15’ Ethical approval case studies
15’ Coffee break
Module 3

Study question

15’ How to identify a clinical problem for research
15’ PICOT and formulating a structured clinical research question
15’ Study designs
Module 4

Literature review

15’ Literature search
15’ Critical appraisal Practical exercise
45’ Coffee break
Module 5

Basics of medical writing

15’ Bad practice in publishing
20’ Review a paper section by section
15’ Medical writing tips: Manuscript maker
15’ Reference management
Module 6

Make your research project a success

15’ Use the AO PEER platform
10’ What’s next for your research education
10’ Conclusions and feedback
End of the course