Module 1
Why is research important?
Why is research needed?
EBM: Why is it important?
What can EBM do for you?
 Module 2
Does your study follow the ethical guidelines?
Ethical imperatives
Guidelines of GCP
Importance of ethics committees
Informed consent process
Ethical approval case studies
 Module 3
Step-by-step to your research question
How to identify a clinical problem for research
PICOT and formulating a study question
Study design
 Module 4
Literature—reading between the lines
Literature Search
Critical Appraisal
 Module 5
Research environment
Roles of research team
Accessing & finding your way in a research environment
 Module 6

Give your study statistical power

How to work with a statistician
Basics of statistics
Sample size calculation
Most typical flaws in stats
 Module 7
How to navigate your research environment
Avoiding bad practice in publishing
Review a paper section by section
Med Writing tips manuscript maker
Reference management
 Module 8
Make your research a success
Use the AOPEER platform
What’s next for education